4th Caritas Caucasus Emergency Group meeting
Mon, 26/05/2014 - 12:43

Caritas Georgia hosted the latest edition of the annual meeting of the Caritas Caucasus Emergency Group, last 5-7 May in Tbilisi.

The Emergency Group works to enable the Caritas organisations of the region to device and deploy self-sufficient, sustainable and locally owned emergency response mechanisms.

This edition of the annual meeting was dedicated to revising the functioning of the mechanisms and consolidate the individual efforts of the members of the group; an extensive SPHERE-training on minimum standards of humanitarian response; and, eventually, a special session on the situation in Ukraine and what potential actions the group could undertake to help palliating the effects of this crisis.

“This 4th CCEG meeting was definitely the best so far in which the potential of the organizations for collaboration across borders has been explored in much greater depth” summarised Harald Happel, Caritas Europa Humanitarian Officer.

Background of the Caritas Caucasus Emergency Group

The Caritas Caucasus Emergency Group was formed in 2011 by the Caritas of South Caucasus, with the support and facilitation of Caritas Europa and Caritas Germany. In 2012, the group was successfully enlarging and welcomed Caritas South of Russia. This year, Caritas Ukraine joined the group with two representatives (the General Secretary and the Migration Officer). Caritas Ukraine is quickly finding its place in the group. “We got on board, thanks to you for slowing down the train a bit” said Anatoliy Kozak, Caritas Ukraine Secretary General.

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