Bee farmer - Photo: Caritas Internationalis
Tue, 22/11/2016 - 15:42

Caritas Europa is concerned by the challenges ahead toward translating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into European policies and will be closely monitoring the European Commission’s actions relative to achieving the promises set forth in the three policy papers presented today and that will guide the institution’s work.

“Poverty and hunger along with climate change and inequality are huge challenges that require urgent solutions. The SDGs are the world’s best response to these challenges. The 2030 Agenda calls for ambitious and accelerated proposals for domestic and as well as external EU policies. The EU has to ensure that no one is left behind when implementing the SDGs, not just abroad but also in our own countries,” said Bob van Dillen, Policy and Advocacy Officer.

The papers presented today are the proposals for the new EU Consensus on Development (to be agreed by the summer of 2017); for a new Cotonou Agreement that frames the EU’s relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (to be revised by 2020); and the new communication on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Caritas is particularly concerned with development policy being subordinated to EU migration management concerns, and stresses that tackling forced migration and displacement requires a series of measures ranging from poverty reduction, conflict prevention, migrant protection, education and employment, and of refugee reception and resettlement.

“The EU has to realign resources and investment into creating the conditions that allow people to stay at home, build and strengthen livelihoods, families and peaceful communities. The 2030 Agenda offers an important framework to refocus efforts on the poorest and most vulnerable first,” said Shannon Pfohman, Advocacy Director of Caritas Europa.

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