Caritas Europa signs joint letter to the European Council on the humanitarian crisis in Libya
Thu, 06/12/2012 - 14:40

As the humanitarian crisis in Libya worsens and its impact on neighbouring countries increases, the EU’s response to the developments in the region and in particular the needs of refugees fleeing the region so far are proving inadequate. 


Brussels, 20 June 2011 - Ahead of the European Council on 23 and 24 June, eight non-governmental organisations, including Caritas Europa, urge the Heads of State and Government to give a strong signal of compassion with people in need of international protection and solidarity with the countries in the region. These countries are going through an epochal change and there is a need for the EU to show true political leadership by providing a solid and generous response.  

The eight NGOs ask for true leadership and vision for the Southern Mediterranean neighbourhood, a more ambitious Global Approach to Migration, and a generous European response to the refugee crisis   

In the letter, the organisations jointly call on the EU and its Member States in particular to: 

-          Offer more resettlement places in Europe;

-          Ensure access to the asylum system in Europe;

-          Engage in concrete solidarity and responsibility-sharing; and to

-          Support the development of protection space in North Africa.  

Furthermore, the NGOs hope the European Council on 23 and 24 June will be able to provide political leadership in a spirit of solidarity with the countries in the region and with the aim of honouring their obligations under international human rights and refugee law towards refugees and others in need of international protection.


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