Caritas wants peace for the people in Ukraine
Wed, 11/02/2015 - 10:26

Caritas Europa is deeply worried about the well-being of the millions of people suffering from the conflict in Ukraine. The network calls on the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine meeting today in Minsk to do everything in their power to reach an unconditional cease-fire agreement that will lead to peace in Ukraine.

The intensification of the conflict in Ukraine must be taken very seriously in the European community. Caritas is doing everything in its power to serve as many suffering people as possible. Many of them are ill and wounded. The children are deeply traumatised. Families are shattered. Their needs are immense; shelters, clothes, food, water, medicines. The help is person to person: Caritas staff and volunteers, truly caring about the victims.

Fr Erny Gillen, president of Caritas Europa emphasised: “We want to send a message of hope to the victims of the war in Ukraine. Caritas is there with them. We are walking in their shoes, helping them endure and overcome these terrible hardships.”

However, Caritas’ capacity is dangerously nearing its maximal limits as the conflict intensifies and the amount of people in distress increases. The current figure of 2.3 million people in need can quickly double if the situation in the conflict area continues to deteriorate.

“European states cannot look away from this appalling humanitarian tragedy and have to respond to the long-lasting consequences that these traumatic experiences will have on millions of people—especially the children,” said Andrij Waskowycz, vice-President of Caritas Europa. “Caritas organisations are helping tens of thousands of Ukrainian and the network is getting prepared for the unfortunate eventuality of having to welcome a wave of refugees in Europe.”

The figures

  • The figure 2.3 million is based on UNHCR and ECHO figures mentioning 900,000 IDPs across Ukraine and 1.4 million people in need remaining in the area of conflict.
  • Additionally, some 600,000 have left the country, mostly to bordering countries.
  • 5.2 million people are living in the area of conflict.
  • Caritas is providing direct help to over 44,000 internally displaced people across the country and is helping hundreds of Ukrainian refugees in Russia.


Press inquiries

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