Caritas in the Caucasus region make themselves ready to save lives
Thu, 20/10/2016 - 14:29

The national Caritas composing the Eastern Europe-Caucasus Emergency Group organised their 6th regional meeting last 4-6 October in Kiev.

The group works since many years with improving its members’ capacity and readiness to act in case an emergency strikes and save lives.

“Emergency situations and disasters are happening all over the world every day and Caritas has to be ready to intervene and respond to the needs of the victims in a very limited time and a very professional manner,” explained Inga Chkheidze, volunteering officer with Caritas Georgia.

The group dedicated an important share of the agenda to refresh their knowledge about the series of tools that the Caritas confederation has put in place to use during an emergency situation.

The tools are compiled in the Caritas Internationalis Toolkit, which covers such topics as reporting of the situation, calling for funds, implementation plans, communications, developing an emergency response plan, etc.

“Some of us, like Caritas Ukraine, are very comfortable with using these tools; while other Caritas practically never had the need to use them, therefore it was good to go through them and used them with faked case studies and be ready in case the need appears,” said Pilar Cuesta, Humanitarian officer with Caritas Europa.

For the occasion, Caritas Germany’s technical advisor and humanitarian assistant, Pasquale Ionta led the session and answered to the group’s questions about the toolkit and its use. To make the exercise as realistic as possible, the group worked on real emergency cases.

Caritas Europa continues to give its full support to the Eastern Europe Caucasus Emergency Group. Its work is vital in a region prone to natural catastrophes and that is currently suffering from political conflicts; leading to small but extremely dangerous and inhumane armed conflicts. 

For further information, please contact:

In Tbilisi
Inga Chkheidze
Volunteering Officer
Caritas Georgia

In Brussels
Pilar Cuesta