Migration Crisis in Greece
Thu, 17/09/2015 - 13:04

Caritas with the migrants: Greece

Instability and war crises in countries throughout the Middle East and Africa have forced millions of people to flee their homes and countries, seeking a better future in Europe. Given the geographic position of Greece as the gate to Europe, Frontex considers the Turkish-Greek routes as a migratory “hotspot”.


"Voices from Greece" is a series of real stories collected by Caritas Greece from some of the thousands of migrants that have managed to arrive to their borders in the last months. These are the stories of real people who, for different reasons, have been pressed to leave their homes and migrate. Hungry, injured or persecuted, children and elderly, men and women walked hundreds of kilometers, vulnerable to the risks of the dangerous journey to Europe. Many thousands died, but many others lived to tell their stories. This is one of them.