Contributions of the Social Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on Migration
Mon, 18/12/2017 - 06:05

By Jorge E. Castillo Guerra

This article searches for contributions provided by the social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church to avoid suffering and death under migrants, that, following Pope Francis, are provoked from a ‘culture of rejection’. From an interdisciplinary approach this article facilitates the assessment of mechanisms that generate these situations. It also focuses on the ethical and theological criteria of the Catholic social teaching to achieve a culture of encounter and acceptance of migrants and refugees. Read the full article

About the author
Dr. Jorge E. Castillo Guerra (PhD Radboud University). Currently, he is Assistant Professor of the Empirical and Practical Study of Religion in the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. He has studied Theology in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. He defended his PhD thesis on the Liberation Ecclesiology of Jon Sobrino in Nijmegen, and has been a Visiting Research Fellow at Campion Hall, Oxford. His recent work on migration has been published in Exchange (Brill), Migration as a Sign of the Times edited by J. Gruber & S. Rettenbacher (Brill) and the Journal of Catholic Social Thought. For a complete overview of his publications see: