EU funding for migration, integration and asylum - testing the added value
Mon, 12/03/2012 - 16:23

Merging existing asylum and migration related funds, as the European Commission proposes, can be a good step, if it increases coherencebetween EU financial instruments and contributes to administrative simplification, Caritas Europa says at parliamentary hearings.



Brussels, 12 March 2012 - Caritas Europa took part in the European Parliament's Hearing on “ EU Funding on Migration, Integration and Asylum - Testing the Added Value” last week (Wednesday 7 March).


The Commission proposes a new financial framework for 2014 – 2020, where the current asylum and migration related funds will be merged.


The main points Caritas Europa (CE) raised were:

  • Merging the existing funds could be a good step, if it increases coherence between EU financial instruments and contributes to administrative simplification.
  • CE is concerned with the proposed flexibility of EU funds. The Commission proposal refers to flexibility in relation to addressing the emergency response mechanism and to cater for adapting to political priorities.
  • CE questioned how the needs and “political priorities” will be identified and decided and proposed a consultation with NGOs and local and regional authorities during the negotiations process.


Caritas Europa also joined a common statement of Civil Society organisations on the future of EU funding in the area of migration and asylum.


In particular, the NGOs welcome the fact that the proposals reduce many current obstacles for civil society to access EU funding. The signatories highlight the importance of allocating resources in a way that fully takes into account the EU's and Member States' commitment to ensure that the human rights of migrants are respected. Moreover, they stress the necessity of involving civil society in the programming of the funds, and call for coherence between the external dimension strand of the Asylum and Migration Fund and the External Aid Instruments and policy.

For further information, you can consult the detailed comments on the Regulations in a common position of European Christian organisations of Caritas Europa, CCME, COMECE Secretariat, Eurodiaconia, ICMC, JRS Europe and the Quaker Council on European Affairs.


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