Mgr. Victor Grech
Fri, 21/04/2017 - 16:56

Key-note speech delivered at Caritas Europa's Spring Academy on Monday 03 March 2017, by Mgr. Victor Grech

With this synthetic presentation about the great Encyclical “The Development of People”, including a special emphasis on integral human development and its impact in these last 50 years, Mgr. Victor Grech highlights that despite whatever tensions, question marks and unfinished business that still lie after 50 years of the Encyclical, the basic commitment is one and the same: to let God touch the core of our humanity and free us to admit that man, who is created for joyful sharing in God’s life, should be at the centre of any authentic development. Read the full article

About the author
Mgr. Victor Grech is the former archbishop's delegate of the Social and Charity Work Secretariat and Director of Caritas Malta. He founded of the Caritas Project for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug addiction and of the first Therapeutic Community for drug addicts in Malta; launched the first residential shelter for men and women, and opened a home for the rehabilitation of prisoners with drug problems. In 2012 Mgr. Grech was awarded the European Citizen Award, which has been designated by the Maltese Europarliamentarians Dr. Louis Grech and Simon Busuttil.