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Fri, 07/12/2012 - 11:55


Caritas Europa has joined the Resettlement Saves Lives campaign calling the EU Member States to resettle 20,000 refugees per year by 2020. Take action and join the campaign!

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Europe is only responsible for 8% of the total number of resettlement places offered by states around the world.  Currently the Member States of the European Union offer only 5,500 resettlement places each year, compared to the 60,000 places offered by the United States, 8,000 places by Canada and 6,000 by Australia for 2012 alone.

To become a significant global player, Europe should and could increase its resettlement placesand also provide resettled refugees with high quality reception and integration support. Caritas Europa stresses that it is important to give preference to the vulnerable ones, sick and handicapped to help them start a better life in security and dignity.

Why is this issue so important to Caritas Europa
Read our recent position on the Joint EU resettlement scheme and watch the interview conducted by news agency EURONEWS with Karolina Babicka, Caritas Europa Migration Policy Officer.

A joint campaign
Caritas Europa is jointly running this campaign along with Amnesty International, CCME, ECRE, IOM, ICMC, Red Cross and Save Me.


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