Solidarity and inclusiveness in economy: Proposals on the change mentality and attitudes
Thu, 03/08/2017 - 10:53

+ Luis Antonio G. Card. Tagle
Theology Days on Charity
23 April 2017

It is only proper to begin my conference by bringing you warm greetings from the Philippines and the Archdiocese of Manila. A word of thanks is also due to Mr. Vicente Altaba, Delegado Episcopal de Caritas Española for inviting me to share some insights and experiences during the Jornadas de Teología sobre la Caridad. The central theme of these days of study, “La economia solidaria e inclusiva” requires not only a thorough and honest investigation but also urgent action. I am not exaggerating when I say “thorough, honest and urgent”. My experience as a pastor in the Philippines and as President of Caritas Internationalis urge me to encourage you to pursue rigorous analyses and courageous action.

My task is to offer some proposals on the change of mentality and attitudes necessary if we are to promote inclusive economic growth. As we mark the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the encyclical Populorum progressio this year, we hear the reminder from Blessed Pope Paul VI that the Gospel and the Second Vatican Council mandate the Church to work for the integral development of every human being, of all human beings, of each nation and of the whole human family. Economic development must go hand in hand with growth in the social, cultural, educational, spiritual, moral and relational aspects of life for human development to be authentic and integral. Read the full article | Original article in Spanish

About the author
Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle is the 32nd Archbishop of Manila. He has been Archbishop since December 12, 2011, and a Cardinal since November 24, 2012. He also serves as President of Caritas Internationalis and of the Catholic Biblical Federation.