Fri, 14/12/2012 - 14:27

Five  members of the Caritas Europa network met in Prague on 9 June to organise a workshop for trainers in the Common Management Standards (CMS)

Prague, 10 June 2011 - The main objective of this training was to get familiar with the CMS in general and the work done in the Member Organisations (MOs) on them. Furthermore, it is important to better understand the self-assessment tool and processes of the MOs, and to plan the consultancy work with them.

Linda Gamova of Caritas Armenia acted as main trainer at the seminar, together with consultants Ott Waltraud (Caritas Germany), Hemma Spreitzhofer (Caritas Austria), Bart Stevens (Caritas Austria), and Otilia Sirbu (Caritas Moldova). Jorge Nuño Mayer (CE General Secretary) and Annamária Vrzáčková (Officer for Internal Network) represented Caritas Europa.

Participants agreed on the importance of Caritas Europa applying the CMS, such as by updating the current CMS webpage with information on CI Partnership Principles and CI Financial Standards, overhead costs and the financial and narrative report format.

Caritas Europa will support the implementing organisations in using the Self-Assessment Tool (SA), such as by instructing what, why and how to fill it in.  

Facilitators and consultants will continue to discuss the needs of MOs, especially the consultancy work during a CMS workshop next autumn. A roadmap for CMS introduction and peer work will be developed, as well as a profile list for facilitators/consultants, including list of expertise, skills, pair work, etc.

For more information, please contact:
Annamaria Vrzáčková
Caritas Europa's Officer for Internal Network