Syria: Peace is possible
Thu, 15/12/2016 - 15:05

“Let us implore the grace of heartfelt conversion for those responsible for the fate of that region” - Pope Francis.

"This war has been the bleakest winter for Syria, but we know that after winter comes spring. With your support, Caritas around the world has been working towards peace in Syria. Pope Francis is one of the supporters of our Syria: Peace is Possible Campaign. A dove in the winter air is a white perfection – peace in Syria would be perfection this Christmas," Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, President of Caritas Internationalis.

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Case studies: warm clothes for Syria in winter 

"Winter in Syria can be harsh. The temperatures remain below zero for long stretches. The cold plummets to as low as -11. Most people can’t protect themselves. They don’t have money to buy warm clothes, stoves or blankets. Rising fuel costs make survival all the more difficult. Families have stopped using the central heating at home. It consumes too much fuel. It’s too expensive, even for the middle class. Instead, people use small heaters. They use gas or wood. Anything to cut costs. The downside is the smoke and respiratory disease in children," writes Sandra Awad, Director of Communication with Caritas Syria 

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Syria: Peace is possible



Message from Patriarch Gregory III Laham: "We are all with Aleppo"

Caritas Internationalis is renewing its call for peace in Syria. 

The Syrian government is now in control of East Aleppo. There is international concern over the plight of the 250,000 civilians who were thought to remain in there.

Caritas is making emergency funds available to provide aid to those caught in the conflict in Aleppo. 

Caritas is calling for an immediate end to the conflict, that humanitarian aid reaches those in need and that the lives of civilians are protected.

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Infographic of Caritas Response 2016 to crisis in Syria

Syria: Peace is Possible