The spiritual component of the integral human development for Caritas employees and volunteers
Mon, 27/03/2017 - 09:01

By Edgar Vulpe

The fundamental meaning in the analysis of any phenomena is determined by the perception paradigm and by the postulates proposed on the basis of it. No matter how convincing and reasonable our arguments are, we still have to admit that the determining role in the arguments on human development is based on our ideas of the human nature in general. This concerns both the most applicative, utilitarian and practical meaning and its spiritual and transcendental sphere. Moreover, by applying the principles of human development within the framework of charitable and social activity of Caritas, it is obvious that the understanding of Caritas nature and mission is also very important; this is what should have an impact on and even determine the forms and methods of work, and also the practical realisation of the developed objectives and tasks. Taking into consideration that Caritas means first of all the people, we have to agree that without a thorough understanding of the essence of human nature and sense of the performed activity, any attempts to define the criteria for comprehensive and integral human development would be either fragmentary or formalistic. Read the full text

Also available in Russian: Духовная составляющая целостного человеческого развития для работников и волонтёров Каритас

About the author
Human being:
- grace to God and thanks to my parents was born on 12 May 1970;
- married with the most beautiful woman on 27 April 1991, the mother of my three lovely children.

The meaning of life:
- awareness of the Truth and feeling of the Freedom to be a child of God.

Religious and spiritual vocations:
- the permanent deacon of the Roman-Catholic Church;
- the Knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Favorite words:
- self-consciousness, life, gratitude, truth, development, love, Jesus, Trinity, and mystery.

Professional engagements:
- president of Caritas Moldova;
- director of the Diocesan social and pastoral Centre;
- financial officer and Chancellor of the Diocese.