Caritas Europa's member organisations come together to work on the network's common goals in 3 different working structures.

1. Steering Groups. They give strategic guidance and ensure that the work of the different Action Groups are consistent among each other as well as with the network's strategic framework. The steering groups approve the network's positions and institutionally relevant content. When deemed necessary, the Steering Group can request a final decision from the Executive Board. There is a Steering Group per strategic priority: 1) Advocacy, 2) Humanitarian Aid and 3) Strengthening the Network. Each Steering Group is composed of 2 members of the Executive Board and a representative of each Action Group belonging to strategic priority.

2. Action Groups. The members of this group meet on regular basis and provide the basis for policy and positionings proposals for the network. These proposals are assessed and approved by the Steering Group supervising the Action Group. 

3. Reference Networks. The members of the Reference Networks are experts from across the network who are not working within the frame of the Action Group but have agreed to make their expertise available to support an Action Group when necessary. 

Members of the working structures