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A tale from the reality of Caritas Georgia

Once upon a time, 9-year-old Dato, who was living on the street for a long time, met his mother. She was looking for his son for a long time and finally found him. Since then, they were selling napkins to buy some bread or pay the rent for a small room.

One day, mother brought Dato to a “big house” called Caritas. It was a nice place. There he met different children like him and got a warm meal. Every day he was leaving Caritas with different emotions. The most impressive for him was a theatre workshop, where children were acting as if they had really lived in the stories.

One day teacher Lana asked: Dato, do you want to be a “Pinocchio”?

Hmm… What is she talking about?!, he thought.

Then he took a book, which the teacher gave him and started reading. It was difficult to read but so interesting… Because of that, Dato became “Pinocchio” and learned never to lie. Since then, he went to school, started reading and acting.

Until finally, there was a big concert in Caritas House. Different happy heroes of the tale “Pinocchio” were standing on the big stage, receiving long-lasting applause. “Pinocchio” smiled as he had never ever smiled before. He noticed his mother standing in the corner at the end of the hall. She was not smiling but her eyes were full of hope, something that had never been there before.

Note: The name in the story has been changed to protect identity.

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Nino Gambashidze

Fundraising and Communication Manager
Caritas Georgia

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