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Regional Conference 2020

19 May 2020

A statutory Regional Conference will be organised virtually on 19 May 2020.

This year’s Regional Conference in Andorra is cancelled due to COVID-19.

The Directors’ meeting, which was to be held prior to the Regional Conference in La Seu d’Urgell on 18 May 2020, has also been cancelled. The focus of the Directors’ meeting was supposed to be the Strategic Planning for the period 2021-2028. In order to keep the process as inclusive as possible for all members, the Steering Group for the process will reconvene to discuss the way forward.

More information will follow soon.

who can attend

Updated soon


Draft programme in English, French and German


Participants can attend the virtual meeting at no cost.

Participants who engaged travel costs should try to be refunded by their travel agency or airline.

Caritas Europa will cover the cost for those who can document that they cannot get a refund or who incur some cancellation fees.

However, if you cannot get a refund, we recommend that you do not yet cancel your tickets but keep them until the very last moment in case the situation changes and the airline cancels your flight.

Please keep a trace of all attempts to cancel your tickets.

Download the expenses rules and claims template.


The in-person meeting has been cancelled due to COVID-19. A virtual meeting will be held instead. More information will follow.




19 MAY

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