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Reinvigorate efforts to help the Syrian people

Caritas recommendations for the Brussels III Syria Conference

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On 12-13 March, the Days of Dialogue of Brussels III conference for “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” will take place in the European Parliament.

Caritas delegates from both Europe and the Middle East will participate to represent the entire Caritas confederation. Committed to helping on the ground, the confederation wants to remind that Syrians are experiencing major needs, whether as displaced persons in the country or as refugees in neighboring countries.

In particular, it is crucial that:

  • the international community redouble efforts to find immediate peaceful political solutions to end the conflict and to avoid further suffering and destruction;
  • donors respond with adequate levels of funding to overcome the funding gap and fully fund the Regional Response Plan for Syria. Despite the generous pledges of 2018 (11.32 mo. USD)¹, there is still a shortfall of almost the 50% of the total funding allocation;
  • due to the protracted nature of the Syrian crisis, we strongly encourage donors to facilitate multiyear predictable funding and ensure that funds used for reconstruction inside Syria are not diverted from the acute needs among refugees and host communities in neighbouring countries;
  • protection of civilians and minorities is mainstreamed, with special attention to protection of women and girls; that humanitarian actors continue to prioritise access to education for Syrian children, either internally displaced or resident refugees in neighbouring countries. The foundation of future Syrian society is in their hands; that host governments allow access to free basic and quality health services to Syrian displaced and refugees. It is imperative that safe and secure humanitarian access is a consistent for all who need it;
  • the international community keep supporting and acknowledging the extraordinary efforts of neighbouring host governments and civil society, so that they can provide assistance and protection to refugees, and to work towards durable solutions, including voluntary, dignified and safe return when the refugees feel it is appropriate to do so;
  • the international community reflect consistently on the feasibility of durable solutions which would allow safe, dignified and voluntary returns to Syrian people, families and communities.


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