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Story of our special volunteer from Mariupol

This story is about our special volunteer – Danilo Kozyatynsky.

Since his childhood, he had autism with hearing impairment. From the early age, he wears a hearing aid, which caused troubles with the pronunciation. Despite all these challenges, Danilo became very social and active fellow.

He studied at the boarding school in Sakhanka village, but since the war began in Eastern Ukraine he was forced to leave his village and moved to Mariupol, and is currently studying individually with teachers from the local school.

Ever since the elementary school, teachers and relatives have noticed Danilo’s gift for drawing. His former school even organised an exhibition of his works.

The boy loves Japan, so on his pictures one may often see landscapes of this incredible country – blossoming cherry flowers and national Japanese dresses. At the moment, Danilo is still studying painting at the art school.

When Danilo learnt about volunteering at Caritas Mariupol, he suggested to conduct drawing workshops in the Children’s Support Centre.

Children, who attend the workshops, are usually very excited about these classes. They feel at ease with Danilo, because he teaches them various interesting drawing techniques, and most of all, because time with him is fun and goes very fast!

Danilo prepares topics for future lessons, so very soon we will see works which his little pupils created under Danilo’s guidance.

We invited Danilo to participate in an inclusive project called ‘Kindermission,’ which is also being implemented by Caritas Mariupol staff, where Danilo will be able to learn communication skills with his peers.

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