EU Development Ministers take steps in right direction on Post 2015 Framework
Nevertheless, Caritas Europa stresses that there are still unclear positions on vital issues such as poverty-reduction, access to food/Food Security and participation. Brussels, 22 February 2013 - Caritas Europa welcomes EU Development Ministers...
Spotlight on Policy Coherence 2009 (CONCORD) Information paper by CONCORD/VOICE: Tsumani one year later- NGO aisd intervention and future challenges
Back Commission's proposal on Cohesion policy budget and European Social Fund for social inclusion and fighting poverty!
Caritas Europa, along with the alliance of NGOs running the EU Money for Poverty Reduction NOW! campaign, sent yesterday a joint letter to Member States' Prime Ministers ahead of their General Affairs Council meeting next Tuesday 26 June 2012. The 18...

Who we are

"Moved by the Gospel’s challenge, inspired by the witness of the prophets and by the practical knowledge of and the partnership with people and communities experiencing poverty, Caritas is an authentic expression of the Catholic Church’s diakonia, that is, service. For Caritas, our works of justice, peace and development are testimony of Christ’s love for humankind." Source: One Human Family, Zero Poverty - Caritas Europa Strategic Framework 2011-2020

World Humanitarian Day

Wed, 15/08/2012 - 11:23
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European development policy must respond to people’s needs not to EU’s interests
What should the European development policy look like in the future? Caritas Europa tried to answer this important question by contributing to the consultation launched by the European Commission on their Green Paper entitled ‘EU development policy in...