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The true know how in Armenian Caritas

Integral Human Development within our Staff

By Fr. Joseph Galstyan, Master in Theology, Spiritual Adviser for the staff of Armenian Caritas, appointed by His Excellency Raphael Minassyan – Archbishop of Armenian Catholics of Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Eastern Europe, General President of Armenian Caritas.

We, the clerics, the lay specialists and volunteers working for Armenian Caritas, are now trying to enhance the understanding of the necessity of integral development in the work and mission of Armenian Caritas, while paying particular attention to the spiritual growth of the staff alongside with the professional competence seeing it as a necessary step to assist in integral human development.

While reflecting on the work style of our Caritas personnel, we observed an occasional overlooking of the spiritual and evangelising dimension of our work. Not all of our staff members or volunteers are guided primarily by the convincement that the subject of the work they are doing is the Lord Jesus and His Church, that they take part in this work as agents and disciples of Christ in bringing the messages of hope and relief to people in need by means of their various projects, which are not necessarily religious, yet which must be motivated by faith. Read the full text