Advocacy is important for Caritas Europa as it works towards structural change, starting at the grassroots level and extending globally, to improve the quality of life of people and communities experiencing poverty and marginalisation.

Hence, Caritas Europa advocates for and with people in need to transform society into a more just and inclusive civilisation. This commonly translates into working to change institutional policies and practices, legal and political processes and systems as well as attitudes, mentalities and the behaviours of residents and stakeholders throughout Europe.

The unique structure of the Caritas network across Europe, from parish, diocesan, national to European level, enables the network to apply a method of listening, observation and discernment. By listening to and interacting with people experiencing social exclusion or poverty, Caritas Europa is able to analyse current and emerging social challenges, and to formulate policy proposals that, when implemented, have a real and positive impact on the lives of families and individuals experiencing poverty.

The main advocacy areas that Caritas Europa activates are:

  • International Development (ID)
  • Humanitarian Coordination (HC)
  • Migration and Asylum (MA)
  • Social Policy (SP)



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