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#whatishome – Campaign Video - Year 3

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Caritas MIND project

What is HOME is a Europe-wide campaign on the meaning of home, the reasons behind migration and the importance of sustainable development in this context

What if … there were no migration?

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Often someone’s contribution is the most visible when it’s missing. From June 20 to July 31, Caritas’ social media campaign #whatishome focuses on the gap migrants would leave in countries of origin and destination if there were no migration. We will be sharing stories and information to show how much impact migrants have on our personal and professional lives, society, culture and so many other aspects of everyday life.

What you can do

1. Like and share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


2. Share your story with us by posting on your social media with the hashtag #whatishome. Don’t forget to tag @caritaseuropa! Here are some ideas:

“If I hadn’t met …”
Do you have a friend with a migration background? Tell us how you would feel if this person weren’t in your life.
“My contribution …”
Are you a migrant? Tell us how you contribute to your country of origin or destination. Do you support diaspora organisations? Are you engaged in neighbourhood projects? Have you been helping out during the lockdown? Every contribution big or small has an impact.
What would you miss in a normal day without migrants? What would you eat for lunch? Who would teach your children? Who would treat your sick family members? Join us in real time on social media for 24 hours on July 16 to show how Europe would be different without migrants’ contributions.

3. Take a stand – make an impact – tweet an EU official

Caritas Europa’s campaign is part of the MIND project which also aims to influence the EU on migration in a positive way. Help us by sharing one of these tweets:

I want to live in a European Union that ensures human rights for all, including migrants and refugees!
#whatishome #migrationEU @EUCouncil @EU_Commission @YlvaJohansson @EUHomeAffairs @vonderleyen @eucopresident

In the EU 13% of key workers (e.g. teachers and agricultural workers) are migrants. Let’s ensure that all migrants have access to health care and a stable legal status
#whatishome #migrationEU @EUCouncil @EU_Commission @YlvaJohansson @EUHomeAffairs @vonderleyen @eucopresident

Our Common Home series is out!

Building on the experience of the Caritas network working with migrants and refugees, these pioneering publications articulate our vision on migration and development.

Our 11 national reports are available online.

Our regional publication Common Home: migration and development in Europe and beyond is the last report. It is based on the findings, testimonies and good practices of the national studies, and on the analysis of European and international statistical databases and literature. Read it here.


is a Europe-wide campaign focusing on the reasons behind migration. It aims to create a broader understanding of why people move from one place to another and how the lack of sustainable development forces some people to do so.


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MIND is a 3-year project financed by the European Commission (DG DEVCO) on migration and sustainable development, with Caritas Austria in the lead, along with Caritas Bavaria (Germany), Caritas International Belgium,

Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Czech Republic, Caritas Europa, Caritas Italy, Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands), Caritas Portugal, Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Slovenia and Caritas Sweden as partners.