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#whatishome – Campaign Video

An initiative of the
Caritas MIND project

What is HOME is a Europe-wide campaign on the meaning of home, the reasons behind migration and the importance of sustainable development in this context

What is HOME to you?

  a place, a feeling, a smile, a moment in time…

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SIGN the European Citizens Initiative

You support a welcoming Europe that respects and fosters the rights of citizens and migrants alike? Ask the European Commission to:

  • Ban the criminalisation of solidarity in member states
  • Support European citizens who want to offer safety to people fleeing persecution
  • Guarantee effective access to justice to all victims of exploitation and abuse


is a Europe-wide campaign focusing on the reasons behind migration. It aims to create a broader understanding of why people move from one place to another and how the lack of sustainable development forces some people to do so.


MIND is a 3-year project financed by the European Commission (DG DEVCO) on migration and sustainable development, with Caritas Austria in the lead, along with Caritas Bavaria (Germany), Caritas International Belgium,

Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Czech Republic, Caritas Europa, Caritas Italy, Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands), Caritas Portugal, Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Slovenia and Caritas Sweden as partners.