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Working for peace in the Central Sahel region

Joint Caritas position paper

Full position paper


In the Central Sahel region inter and intra-community violence is increasing, and human rights violations perpetrated by various actors against civilians are multiplying, leading to forced displacement.

On the Occasion of the Ministerial Roundtable for the Central Sahel, Caritas Internationalis, Caritas Africa and Caritas Europa have identified five priorities with recommendations to address and which should guide the response to the protracted humanitarian and protection crisis in the region, while being part of the new EU-Africa Global Partnership Strategy to be adopted in 2021.


  1. Promote multi-dimensional and longer-term approaches to development, humanitarian and peace efforts to address the root causes of the crisis in the Central Sahel region
  2. Promote the role of national and local civil society organisations, and community-based approaches, in addressing protection, social cohesion, conflict prevention and peacebuilding
  3. Strengthen support to the protection of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons
  4. Strengthen coordination between NGOs and the State and ensure benefits of multi-year flexible funding reach national and local civil society
  5. Promote international solidarity and cooperation that invests in internal development capacity, equitable multi-stakeholder partnerships and in rebuilding trust and confidence between national governments, local governments and rural communities.