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Youth empowerment in Armenian Caritas

‘My right’ project engages a group of young Caritas volunteers, who took the initiative to develop peer-to-peer activities for the inclusion of youth with disabilities. What is notable in the project is that the Caritas organisation supports the youth initiative without taking over its control.

Youth clubs in Armenia are a great example of how young people can take ownership of their activism. After participating in an initial project, the young volunteers decided to continue their engagement with Caritas and act for the inclusion of young people with disabilities. They started to organise peer-to-peer trainings to share their knowledge and skills on creating an inclusive environment for people with disabilities. Trainings were addressed both at young people without and with disabilities. The youth club participants created awareness-raising campaigns and social media challenges and continued to educate other youth online during the pandemic. They created an inclusive environment where every person, despite his or her background, can thrive and be together with others, where youth are not only talking about inclusion, but are also making it a real thing.

In this video presentation, you will find detailed information about the history of youth clubs in Armenia. You will learn about the activities the young people leading the project are organising, about the values they act on and why they find it so crucial to take ownership of their engagement. The video shows how important it is for Caritas organisations to give youth opportunities to engage and to trust them enough to allow them to be leaders of their engagement. That is how they become active citizens.

This video was presented during the Caritas Europa Innovation Festival in January 2021. It is a perfect example of how young people’s creativity and fresh ideas can introduce new ways of acting in Caritas.

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Agnieszka Zarzynska

Institutional Development Officer
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