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Caritas Italy


Caritas Italy

Caritas Italiana (Caritas Italy) is a pastoral organisation of the Italian Bishop’s Conference which was founded in 1971, answering the call of Paul VI to promote charity with a commitment to raising public awareness. It connects 220 diocesan Caritas, committed in their daily activities to support the most vulnerable people.
The national and diocesan Caritas in Italy are committed in many different areas such as, peace, old and new forms of poverty, immigration and asylum, mental health and homelessness as well as humanitarian emergency responses in Italy and abroad.
Furthermore, as part of the Church, Caritas Italiana is engaged in raising awareness on Christian identity and values of volunteering, charity, care for those in need and promote the importance of concrete actions for the poor.
Caritas Italiana coordinates various initiatives and charitable actions, inspired by Christian values and Church teaching. It contributes to development by awakening public opinion, providing training for staff, offering services, financial help as well as by coordinating the initiatives of the various groups and movements inspired by Christian values.
For example, Caritas Italiana carries informative actions around migration thanks to the new Caritasinmigration portal and the yearly publication of the Caritas-Migrantes Report, both of which aim to raise awareness and inform the citizens around human mobility, integration, trafficking and exploitation, unaccompanied minors, international protection etc.
Integral Human Development, Peace, Solidarity, Social Justice and Social Inclusion are between the most important values that guide Caritas Italiana engagement on the whole territory
Caritas Italiana works with many other Church or Christian based organisations such as Missio, FOCSIV, ACLI, Catholic universities and religious orders.


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