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Organisational Development Solidarity System

Stronger organisations for a stronger network


Through the Organisational Development Solidarity System (ODSS), Caritas organisations will, from 2019 to 2022, provide financial and technical support to each other to help ensure the implementation of organisational development plans.

The ODSS is closely linked to other organisational development tools, namely:

  • The Caritas Internationalis Management Standards (CIMS);
  • The Learning Paths;
  • The Mapping;
  • Organisational development trainings and workshops.

This expression of solidarity will strengthen the whole Caritas Europa network in the long term.

Why do we need this?

Solidarity among Caritas organisations is and has always been an essential value of our network.

The ODSS will support those organisations that are committed to lead an internal organisational development process, but that, for various reasons, need additional support to do so.

The ODSS is the successor of the Caritas Development Fund (CDF) that supported Caritas organisations from 2014 to 2018. Even though this system is still running, applications are closed and beneficiaries are exclusively implementing their current organisational development plans.

How does it work?


Two application forms are available for Caritas organisations that want to apply for ODSS: one for technical support (peer to peer assistance among organisations) and one for financial support.

Applicants must introduce their request, including the relevant annexes, to the Caritas Europa Secretariat by the deadline indicated in the call for proposals (usually mid-September).

The ODSS task force will evaluate the requests and fill in an evaluation grid. Based on this grid, the task force formulates an initial assessment of the development plan received and drafts its recommendations. If necessary, the applicant organisation will be invited to submit a second version of its proposal, taking into account the recommendations/comments made by the ODSS task force.

The final and detailed allocation proposals are submitted by the ODSS task force directly to the Executive Board of Caritas Europa. The Executive Board will formally approve the allocations.


The ODSS is based on internal donations from Caritas organisations. The Caritas Europa Secretariat will issue a call for pledges each year in May/June starting from 2018. They will be addressed to the whole network in order to make new contributions available and possibly confirm the old ones.

Through technical support pledges, Caritas organisation will make one or more of their staff members available to help other organisations with the design and implementation of their organisational development plans as a whole and of the single components (for example, human resources strategy, fundraising strategy, CIMS implementation). Through financial support pledges, Caritas organisations will engage to finance the organisational development plans of ODSS applicants for one year.

Caritas organisations benefitting from the ODSS are also invited to contribute to the system with an amount of their choice or with technical expertise.

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