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European Parliamentary elections

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Making social justice and equality in Europe and worldwide a reality

With rising public scepticism towards the European Union, it has become all the more vital to increase awareness of the potential of EU institutions, and particularly the European Parliament (EP), in fighting poverty and social exclusion in the EU and globally. Realising this potential requires advocacy towards EP candidates and political groups to keep issues such as poverty eradication, job creation, equal opportunities, peace and humanitarian interventions, human rights protection, sustainable development and policy coherence high on the political agenda. It also requires strong democratic institutions and participatory decision making. It is thus highly relevant that people vote in the European elections and select candidates who prioritise the fight against poverty and social exclusion, who are willing to listen to civil society and who maintain regular dialogue with national parliaments. In this context, it is worth considering the Guidelines for civil participation in political decision making, adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.