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Fostering solidarity and responsibility between generations

Contribution to the European Commission's consultation

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Caritas Europa contributed to the European Commission’s consultation on ageing – Fostering solidarity and responsibility between generations.

Caritas Europa insists on the need to invest in children in order to have a positive impact on their health situation and quality of life in later life. In order to ensure the autonomy, independence and rights of older people and enable their participation in society, offline access to services and institutions must be respected and ensured by legislation. Digitalisation can facilitate self-care, contact care and health maintenance in old age, but many older people do not yet have access to internet. In addition to basic information, many need permanent assistance in using digital services for their own independent lives. By fostering outreach in health and social services and providing a full spectrum of accessible social care, health care, and regional services based on people´s needs, would allow people to maintain as much autonomy and independence as possible in their own environment for as long as possible.