One of the first large groups to leave Caritas Greece's protection centre in Lesbos for the relocation programme, with final destinations including Portugal, Spain and Germany - Photo: Caritas Greece
The Greek island of Lesbos, the second biggest of the country and just separated from Turkey’s coastline by 10 kms of the Aegean Sea, is no stranger to the arrival of asylum seekers and migrants. More than half a million people in need of help have...

MA: Safe Pathways to Europe

Safe Pathways to Europe

After the numerous tragedies in the Mediterranean in the past years, the discussion on providing more safe and legal paths

MA: Welcoming Societies

Welcoming Societies

Anti-migrant sentiment and the spread of hate against migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people are currently on

Caritas helps vulnerable people suffering from cold winter
Winter time clearly highlights the vulnerable situation of people who struggle to deal with extreme weather conditions. This is particularly true for migrants and refugees. And this year this is truer than ever as the situation in Greece and Serbia shows. According to the Director of Caritas Greece,...

Syria: Peace is possible!

Thu, 15/12/2016 - 15:05
Syria: Peace is possible
“Let us implore the grace of heartfelt conversion for those responsible for the fate of that region” - Pope Francis. "This war has been the bleakest winter for Syria, but we know that after winter comes spring. With your support, Caritas around the world...
Urgent international call to protect migrants and refugees
Caritas Internationalis and Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) are calling for concrete change within the United Nations system and a shared commitment by all states and public and private stakeholders to ensure migrants and refugees are protected. In a...
Caritas and JRS response to the UN Summit on migrant and refugee movements