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Young Caritas Europa

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Young Caritas Europa is a movement within the European Caritas network aimed at increasing youth engagement in member organisations and giving young people ownership of their involvement.

The objectives of the movement

  • Use social education as a tool to motivate young people to be responsible members of society and work for the common good;
  • give youth engagement more visibility in the European Caritas network and foster communication between the young civil society and Caritas;
  • increase the participation of young people in Caritas projects, structures and actions.

The Young Caritas Europa movement is as diverse as is the Caritas Europa network. It varies according to local needs, but always within the larger national and global contexts.

The movement in practice

  • It can take the form of a constant structure or of a temporal project or action.
  • It can be addressed to children, teenagers, students or young adults up to 30 years of age.
  • It may focus on charity or on social activism.
  • It can be present on a parish, diocesan or national level.
  • It can use the appellation ‘Young Caritas’ or any other name.

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More information

Agnieszka Zarzyńska
Institutional Development Officer – Youth Engagement
Tel: +32 (0)2 235 26 85

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Young Caritas Europa


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