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Ukraine hit by worst flood in a decade

Caritas Ukraine assists those affected

At the end of June, the Western part of Ukraine was affected by what officials called the region’s worst flooding in over a decade.

In the four regions of Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Zakarpattia, around 70% of the average monthly rainfall poured down in a very short time span, flooding more than 13,000 houses in 263 settlements and destroying 110 km of roads and 90 bridges. Additionally, thousands of hectares of agricultural land were badly damaged. Three people lost their lives.

The government has already announced help to rebuild, but currently the most urgent humanitarian needs have to be met. In addition, the response to these floods is complicated by the measures in place to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Caritas has been active in the affected regions for many years and is already providing support.

The diocesan Caritas organisation in the affected regions and Caritas Ukraine have been assessing the needs in 41 settlements, and identified 10,355 persons directly affected by the floods. The highest numbers of vulnerable people are located in the settlements Lanchyn, Halych, Spaska and Mykulychyn. They include almost 2,000 people living in large families, 2,500 people with disabilities, 1,600 single people of over 60 years of age and around 500 single mothers.

Local residents identified food, hygiene and sanitation products, medication and household products as the most critical needs, while the representatives of local authorities identified the provision of drinking water as the first need of their settlements.

The local Caritas organisations have been providing help since the beginning, often by teaming up with businesses from the area. Caritas Kolomyja, for example, cooperated with a local grocery store and managed to distribute 200 food and hygiene kits and over 1,000 litres of water. Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk, through its partnership with a large multinational company, has been able to provide detergents and hygiene products, food, personal care products and clothing to persons displaced by the floods. Maria, a resident with a disability of the village of Plebanivka, told Caritas workers: “This disaster destroyed almost my entire household, from my house to my garden and my vegetable garden. I express my sincere gratitude to Bishop Vasyl Semenyuk and all the priests. Your support during this difficult time is especially important for us”. She was one of the beneficiaries of Caritas-Ternopil, which has been providing, among other things, drinking water, clothes, hygiene products and yogurts.

Caritas Ukraine is currently preparing a concept note for a small scale response project to cover the needs of the affected vulnerable groups of population. If you wish to donate to Caritas Ukraine, please see here.


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